In 1995 graduated in Graphic Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto. Worked at António Queirós Design from 1992 to 2009. In 2006/2007 attended the Iberian Master in Graphic and Intermediate Design and Production, Faculty of Fine Arts, Universitat de Barcelona, ​​in Alquimia da Cor. Since 2007, as a partner of SOOCHY.COM Lda., acts as Creative Director. Currently lives in Porto.

First works, Zoom Digital (Rivoli - Janeiro06) and Perspectiva Digital (Anje - March06) dedicated to the city of Porto where the most emblematic icons of the city, after being photographed, were submitted to an almost plastic treatment in a deconstructive game that invites new interpretations of the unbeaten. Three years and two exhibitions after its start, Digital People project ceased to be a project to become an Artwork. Work in progress, therefore, as it is characteristic of the best contemporary art, Digital People comes to revitalize the famous postulate of André Breton, "the beauté sera convulsive ou ne sera pas". Here, the convulsive beauty of images is born in the space-time of digital photomontage, which reconfigures the interval between perception and representation, between abstraction and abstraction, in short, between sight and vision. The process of composition and decomposition of bodies, and of the spaces that the bodies cross, reorganizes the very heterogenesis of the history of figurative art, from Magritte's surrealism to Frida Kahlo's hyperrealism, not forgetting Arcimboldo's matrix illusionism. prompts an inter-artistic dialogue that ultimately makes Digital People a place of unlikely encounters, where a new order, a new world and a new humanity are concretized. Beau comme ...

Individual exhibitions:

  • April 2015 – “Perspetiva Digital Re-Edited”, Vantag Bombarda, Porto 
  • November 2013 – “New Forms”, Poggenpohl. 
  • September 2011 – “…, 604”, 604· Porto. 
  • December 2008 – “Digital People”, Araújo & Sobrinho, Porto. 
  • September 2008 – “Digital People”, Pedro Remy, Braga. 
  • September 2007 – “Digital People”, MUUDA, Porto. 
  • March 2006 – “Perspectiva Digital” ANJE, Porto. 
  • January 2006 – “ZOOM Digital 18X “, Rivoli Café Concerto, Porto. 

Group exhibitions:

  • January 2015 – “Nichos de Arte”, Vantag DM2, Porto. 
  • November 2014 – “Compr’arte”, Vantag Bombarda, Porto. 
  • September 2014 – “Folhas de Outono”, Vantag Bombarda, Porto. 
  • March 2014 – “Espreitar-te – arte atrás da porta”, Vantag Bombarda, Porto. 
  • June 2012 – “NINETY DEGREES 90°” (com Sahra Kunz), Vantag Bombarda, Porto. 
  • April 2011 – “Aahh! Viva! Le Salon is Back :)”, Vantag Bombarda, Porto. 
  • August 2010 – “Zoom In Zoom Out”, Porto Gran Plaza, Porto. 
  • October 2009 – Colectivo VANTAG, Torre da Cadeia Velha, Ponte de Lima. 
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